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Goodbye for now, everyone. And hello again!


This will be my last post on The Third Device. It’s been six months since I started this blog, and in that span of time my iPad and I have had nothing but good times.

Now that the hype and hoopla over the iPad has died down and I’ve had time to play with (and discard!) tons of useless, fun, frivolous apps, I’ve found that in the past half year, there are only three main functions for which I use my iPad:

  • To consume. As a book / magazine reader and video player, the iPad’s large screen and amazing battery life make it the perfect companion for doctors’ waiting rooms, boring seminars, traffic jams or beach vacations – though outdoors, the annoying screen glare means you may wind up with your pool towel over your head (true story). And I firmly believe that Instapaper alone justifies the purchase of an iPad if you’re a news junkie or fan of long form journalism.
  • To create. Coupled with my trusty folding Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard, I’ve used the iPad to bang out dozens of articles, reviews, emails, and online posts. Too bad most of them weren’t destined to wind up on this sorely neglected website. I also use it to schedule appointments, write notes, and keep my life tidy.
  • To cruise the net. For many people, myself included, it’s already an ingrained daily routine to do one last Facebook/Twitter/your social media check before going to bed and again upon waking in the morning. The iPad just makes it so easy – in fact, too easy. I often lose focus when reading a novel or watching a movie if only because IN THE PAST TWO MINUTES 15 NEW TWEETS CAME IN OMG OMG.

Everything else is gravy. Sure, it’s a great gaming machine, though I’ve really only wound up playing Words with Friends and Hexalex for any length of time. It’s a legitimate contender to mobile gaming devices like the PSP and DS. And it’s a great babysitter too – my young niece and nephew lunge immediately towards me every time we meet, not because they’re particularly happy to see me but they know that Unca Vic = iPad and they can splash around in Pocket Pond HD (fishie!) and play Angry Birds.

But could I live with just an iPad and nothing else? Not at all, and that’s why I called this blog The Third Device. I still rely on my laptop to get serious work done at the studio; while there are some very impressive music and recording apps available for iOS, I would never rely solely on an iPad to score TV commercials. It’s just not possible.

I also rely on the iPod Touch (my “iPad Nano”, as I affectionately call it) ┬áin my pocket on a daily basis, sometimes even moreso than the iPad. Thanks to the wonder of cloud computing, I know that most anything I do on the iPod Touch, be it notes, calendars, emails, etc will wind up eventually on the iPad and my laptop as well. Sometimes it’s just more convenient and less attention-grabbing to fiddle with the Touch rather than the iPad; I have no qualms about reading a Kindle book on my Touch while in the barber’s chair getting a trim but I wouldn’t do so with the iPad. Plus, I’d get hair all over my screen.

These are actually exciting times for iPad owners. Any day now, the much-awaited iOS 4.2 update is scheduled to go public, bringing lots of goodies like multitasking (yay!), folders (yay!), and a unified mail inbox (yay!) I’ve been running a pre release copy of 4.2 for a week or so (it’s out there if you know where to look) and damn if it didn’t make me giddy about the iPad all over again. I could do without Apple’s decision to change the hardware orientation switch to a mute toggle though .. I flip that switch dozens of times a day and now I have to undo that particular bit of muscle memory. Grr.

These are exciting times for me as well. I’ve just signed on as the reviews editor for an all-new, all-Filipino, all-geek technology blog called Technoodling. We’ll be covering everything that makes geek hearts go pitter patter – mobile phones, computers, headphones, games, cameras, etc, with a touch of local flavor to keep it relevant.

Technoodling is still in its infancy and we’ll be working out the kinks and testing out a lot of ideas along the way, but it’s an extremely promising concept by a fun, talented and knowledgable bunch of guys and I’m eager to work with them and see where it goes. And you can count on a lot of iPad-related content; all the things I’ve been saving up to post on this blog will eventually appear over there in one form or another.

That about wraps it up. Thanks for all the support and encouragement and I’ll see you over at Technoodling!


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