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Boxwave Capacitive Stylus

I’ve been away from the blog for a few weeks but I’m back with a couple of interesting things to report.

First up, we’ve got an interesting stylus from Boxwave.


If you’ve read my earlier posts, you know that I’m a big fan of note taking apps, particularly in combination with a writing device such as the ones from Pogo. To be honest, a direct comparison should be made between the Boxwave and Pogo’s flagship Sketch, but since I use and own the smaller Pogo Stylus, that’s what we’ll look at.

The biggest difference between the Boxwave and my Pogo is pretty apparent once you pick them up: the Boxwave is a bit over an inch longer than the Pogo, but more importantly, it feels about twice as thick and more than twice as heavy.


This, together with the fact that it’s made from metal instead of plastic, gives the Boxwave a nice solid heft in the fingers that feels very pen-like.

The tip of the Boxwave is a solid rubber dome, unlike the soft foam on the Pogo. If writing with a Pogo feels like brushing the surface of the iPad with a makeup applicator, then writing with the Boxwave feels like using a slick pencil eraser on the screen. There’s very little drag despite the rubber tip. It’s a good solid contact point that elicits a much more positive and tactile feel.


The quality of construction and the nice shiny pocket clip give the Boxwave an expensive look that doesn’t make it feel out of place alongside a bunch of my fountain pens. You can tell I’m a big fan of black and chrome writing instruments, so this one fits right in!


In addition, the Boxwave comes with a tiny little plastic plug on a cord tether that is designed to insert into your device’s headphone port and keep the stylus handy. I also found that clipping the stylus to the outside spine of my Apple iPad case worked well for keeping it close by without affecting the case’s ability to properly fold open or closed.


Taking notes with the Pogo was workable but the Boxwave just feels so much more enjoyable and productive. My handwriting comes out clearer, too.

When using a fountain pen or ballpen, I also have a habit of unconsciously twirling it in my fingers during idle moments and I caught myself doing that with the Boxwave during a meeting – something I can’t do with the Pogo. An unexpected bonus!

To sum it up: I think this one is a keeper. I’ll stash the Pogo away in my gear bag for emergencies, but from now on the Boxwave isn’t going to leave its place clipped to the side of my iPad.

If you’re interested in purchasing  a Boxwave locally, send a Facebook message over to Jerry Tieng.


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