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Unleash your inner Charice.

(I’ve been meaning to post this article for several months now but it’s only lately that I found the video file, so excuse the delay)

In my day job (I compose music for TV and radio ads) I get to work with some really cool equipment. But when I saw the Glee – Singers Wanted (No Talent Required) app from Smule, I was still highly impressed by how much technology they were able to pack into a one dollar app. In the interest of word count, and sanity, by the way, I shall henceforth refer to the app as simply “Glee”.

The app is essentially an electronic karaoke machine, letting you sing on top of preloaded backing tracks. You can also download additional songs, each for a dollar.  “Glee” comes with a built in pitch correction function that can forcibly drag your warbly voice towards the nearest correct note (what is commonly referred to as “AutoTune”) and harmonization function that provide you with a three-person ensemble of backup singers, all happening in real time. Beyond that, “Glee” then lets you upload your recordings to the Internet for posterity, and you can even collaborate with other wannabe singers on a recording.

Glee - Singers Wanted (No Talent Required). Yes, that is the full name of the app.

If you love to sing, or if you’re a fan of the show Glee, you should have already downloaded this by now. But I neither sing nor watch Glee, so I grabbed my very talented friend Ricci Chan (who lists himself on Facebook as an “actor, singer, teacher, stylist, host, musician, makeup artist, writer, musical director, songwriter, creative thinker, record producer & artist”) to record a song and put the app through its paces. I shot a quick video of him playing with the app, and then he rerecorded the vocal later on at home and sent it to me. So what you’ll hear in the video is a combination of the live audio from the room and his later recording, with the minus one.

You’ll also see Brian Cua and a Superman action figure, and I have no real explanation for that. Enjoy!


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