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Great notebook on the App Store – free til July 7

Wondershare’s iDraft app for note taking / sketching / doodling is free for a limited time (July 1 to July 7). I downloaded it and after a few minutes of playing around I’m pleasantly surprised. The “feel” of the electronic ink, especially when using a stylus, rivals that of any other notebook app on the store. You write quickly for thin lines and slowly for thick. In fact it could even be a touch more convincing than Penultimate, my current benchmark for “ink flow”.

This picture is worth a thousand captions.

Just like Penultimate, it offers different ink colors and an adjustable nib width, but I think iDraft has a better system for organizing notes and notebooks. Too bad iDraft doesn’t have Penultimate’s “wrist detection” feature – you have to elevate your wrist off the screen as you write to avoid confusing the iPad. Also, iDraft doesn’t have the stylish Moleskinesque appearance of Penultimate.

Grab it now while it’s still free. (EDIT: For serious note taking – the kind that fills up an entire legal pad – I still recommend Note Taker HD)


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