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Case to Case (Part 2) – Cyn and her Piel Frama

Today we bring you the second half of our case roundup, written by guest reviewers. My wife Cyn tells us about her brand new leather Piel Frama iPad case. Does she like it? I’ll spoil the ending now: Yes, she does.

I love surprises. And the best kind are the ones you get which you didn’t even know you absolutely wanted.

When I first got my iPad, I immediately bought a CaseLogic neoprene sleeve. Annoyingly, the only choices were black, pink, and depressing moss green. I settled for pink, but was bothered that I now had two separate pieces that I had to take care of.  It was aggravating because Vic would be right beside me casually flipping open his official Apple iPad case, while I was wrestling with two pieces, the iPad and the sleeve. I just couldn’t bring myself to buy the boring black apple iPad case… I’m sure you understand why. (Vic: BORING!? Hey!)

So I was happily surprised when Vic one day came home with a beautiful orange box for me to open, elegantly labelled Piel Frama – which I had never heard of before but whose gorgeous label had me intrigued.

Waiting for the unboxing

Lo and behold, a handmade, leather, notebook-type iPad case, which came in my most favorite color, with pretty stitched edges. (It also comes in happy orange, serious black, and upscale black, among other colors. Adjectives are mine, of course.). Functionally, it looks like the official case but in a much more personalized color, and is sexier to the touch.

Inside the box

It perfectly fits the bare iPad in a frame-like compartment, though with my full-body Wrapsol protective film, it was a bit too snug. Freed from just the front wrap, the iPad now fits just right. I would never have thought of taking off the screen protection before, but with the the book cover, I’m confident that my iPad is safe.

All ready to go

The case has raised sides around the iPad screen edges, which can very occasionally get in the way of your writing. Other times, though, it serves as a palm-rest to avoid accidental “pinches” of the screen.

Not a stitch out of place

On some surfaces, I can use the front cover as an iPad stand, to make a nice photo frame. However, on slippery surfaces (oh, like an office desk perhaps), it’s constantly falling over. For me, that means that my iPad can never be a photo frame at work. Yeah, big boohoo. 🙂

Pretty as a picture frame

The docking port, buttons and speakers are all comfortably accessible, so the case doesn’t interfere with use or sound. But no port covers means that, if you’re ever unlucky enough to get your iPad splashed, there’s absolutely no protection there even with the case closed. Of course, you’ll also be crying over the fact that your handmade leather case just got splashed, and at an undisclosed price Vic won’t reveal (Vic: It retails for $140 but I was able to find it for $99) that’s a lot to lament.

The inner covers are devoid of any pockets and stuff. Quite prettily embossed with the Piel Frama logo, but it lacks anywhere for me to put a calling card or any identifying mark.

The biggest downside with having a lovely case like this is that, now, I’m mortally afraid of putting my iPad down on any surface – ANY surface. Oddly I was more comfortable putting down the bare iPad.

But that’s just because I love my case so much!

Case closed!

Check out the other styles and colors on the Piel Frama website.


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  1. Vic, c’mon, you KNOW your case is boring.

    > 🙂

    Comment by Cyn | July 5, 2010 | Reply

  2. never ever call the batman suit boring! >(

    Comment by jerrytieng | July 7, 2010 | Reply

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