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Case to Case (Part 1) – Hoho Does DODO

For the first time here on The Third Device, we’ll be featuring guest reviews! I’ll be bringing you a pair of iPad case reviews from two fellow geeks (one is an old friend from the Bay Area, and the other happens to be my wife, and I think you’ll be able to tell which is which). Today in Part 1, Horace Posadas give us an overview of his new DODOCase.

DODOCase 1

After 6 weeks to the day, my DODOCase has finally arrived! I first came across the DODOCase at The Unofficial Apple Weblog ( They had posted a review and it definitely caught my eye but, at that point I was still on the hunt for my iPad, so I didn’t order one. Big mistake, the day the review came out was the day they logged the largest set of orders. The first batch of cases came out with a handwritten and numbered library card, a nice touch. Too bad my order fell way short of getting the first printing.

The case itself feels very sturdy. The cover and back are made of wood covered to make it look like a leather bound book. It looks very deceptive especially when I am walking around the office, people hardly give the iPad a second look.

DODOCase 2

The tray holding the iPad itself is made from bamboo and is the only part that is machined, everything else is hand made, from the covers to the bindings. To keep the iPad from falling out of the tray, there are what looks like neoprene corners to keep the iPad snugly in place. If you turn the case over, the iPad stays firmly in place. One thing that I have noticed is that after a couple of weeks of using the DODOCase, the corners have been compressed so much that the iPad isn’t held as firmly in place as when the case was new.

DODOCase 3

The tray is CNC machined to exact measurements that it fits the iPad exactly, not even a millimeter of space along the sides. There are cutouts along the top, side and bottom, allowing access to the various iPad controls, including syncing and volume controls without having to take the case off.

DODOCase 5

The spine puts the iPad at a nice angle for typing on a desk, or even on your lap. The downside of this, at least for me, is that it puts the home button on the left side of the screen, whereas I like having the home button on the right.

A garter is provided in the style of Moleskines to keep the cover securely in place when the iPad is not in use. When closed the DODOCase looks very much like a Moleskine Folio, one of the larger ones anyway. Add the Penultimate iPad app, then you’ve got a pretty nice digital Moleskine.

DODOCase 4

The iPad weighs about 1.5lbs, the DODOCase adds another 0.5. This makes the iPad noticeably heavier to carry around, but not obnoxiously so. The case also adds another 1/8 of an inch to the iPad’s thickness giving it a nice heft to it. Both the case and the iPad fit inside an Incase netbook neoprene case. I know it sounds weird to put a case inside a case.

The DODOCase is definitely one of the more popular cases for the iPad, so much so that to they are actually raising their prices from $49.95 to $59.95 as of July 1. All in all, the DODOCase is well worth the $49.95 that I paid for it, not sure if I would order one at $59.95 though.

(Horace Posadas is a photographer, gadget geek and longtime Apple fan based in the Bay Area. You can view his personal website at


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