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iPad Price Watch – May 21 2010

A bit over a month after launch, the iPad is still selling like gangbusters. Local resellers have of course taken advantage by pricing at a considerable premium.

As of today (May 21) I’ve heard of sealed brand new 16GB WiFi units going for as low as P30k here in Manila, but the majority of prices on and PhilMUG seem to be more in the P32-35k range.  Prices for the higher models scale up by around P5k depending on the size … in other words, the range for 32GB units is P37-42k and 64GB units are generally P40k or higher. And let’s not even talk about the prices from a certain mall-based reseller whose name starts with I and ends in x …. ugggh.

With the release of the 3G edition, there’s a sudden glut of secondhand WiFi iPads on the market from people looking to upgrade. There’s a wider variance of prices depending on the generosity of the seller. However, these used units still don’t sell for very much less than the brand new ones  … the lowest I’ve heard of for a 16GB unit is P28k, which is logical considering that the iPad itself is barely a month old.

Given the steep premiums on Apple’s SRPs, your best option is still finding a relative or friend in the US who is willing to pick one up straight from the store.

It’s also worth noting that the overwhelming majority of units out there are WiFi flavored ones – brand new 3G units are extremely difficult to source. Infomax in Park Square has a 16GB 3G, if you’re willing to pay FIFTY FIVE THOUSAND PESOS for a $650 device. According to their salesguy, they also had a 64GB 3G that they just recently sold. I didn’t even want to ask how much they sold it for – I might have not been able to restrain my howl of laughter.

And where to find secondhand 3G units locally? You must be joking.

With regards to original Apple accessories:  they’re out there, but they ain’t cheap. The quick and dirty rule of thumb seems to be to take the US SRP and then just double it! So that’d be around P5k for the Apple Case, maybe around P6-8k for the Keyboard Dock, etc. Side note for Keyboard Dock buyers: The Apple Wireless Keyboard for Macs works perfectly well, at half the price. Surely you can figure out some other way to prop up your iPad.

Feel free to leave a comment if you see prices lower than what I’ve mentioned above, and where you saw them.


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  1. Good to know about the wireless keyboard. I suspected as much. Will the magic mouse work with the iPad, too?

    Comment by Cynthia Dayco | May 21, 2010 | Reply

    • Nope, won’t work – the absence of a mouse pointer in the iPad OS means there’s nothing for a Magic Mouse to control. It’s really meant for touchscreen operation.

      Comment by Vic | May 21, 2010 | Reply

  2. which is also why i told the wifey yesterday that a stylus would be a step backwards. people do not twist dials or push sliders with a stylus or a mouse; they do it with their fingers! but then, i probably wouldn’t mind trying stylus-chopsticks. 😀

    Comment by Roland | May 21, 2010 | Reply

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