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Back from my first trip with the iPad

Am back from Singapore after a short trip and I have to say, the iPad is a fantastic travel companion. It’s light enough to carry around for an entire day while offering virtually all the functionality of a heavier device such as a netbook or laptop.

It’s great for killing time at the airport, on the plane, or looking up maps and references while on the go. My wife and I would also take frequent short breaks to grab drinks, get out of the heat and rest our feet, and it became second nature to take out our iPads and catch up on our reading. By the way, she prefers novels; I like magazines and news clippings. Must be an attention span kind of thing.

One minor frustration was that we had trouble finding an open WiFi hotspot as we roamed the city. Without a data connection you’re really just limited to offline apps like books and (some) games. Even a 3G iPad would be difficult for me to use when abroad because I’d have to source a local SIM card with a data service. Fortunately our hotel had free WiFi throughout the building.

Another frustration was that I was unable to use my iPad to transfer and upload photos from my camera during the trip. Am looking forward to someday getting an iPad Camera Connection Kit to solve that problem, but I’m in no rush because I don’t have any further trips planned for a while.

Here are some photos from the trip. You can check out the full gallery on my Flickr page.




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  1. Hey Vic,

    Quick question, is there Lightroom/Aperture (or anything equivalent) for the iPad? I’ve been considering an iPad but the serious lack of photo editing/uploading on my trips is a real turn off.

    And I know there was a Pro Tools app for the iPhone, is there a port for the iPad as well?


    Comment by John Lacson | May 14, 2010 | Reply

    • Nothing at the Aperture / Lightroom level yet. There are a couple of paid editor apps like Photogene and PixelMagic but I haven’t taken the plunge. Am still using the free PhotoPad.

      One app I did splurge on was TiltShift Generator. Fun!

      I tried TiltShift out on one of my Singapore F1 pics and it’s not perfect but it’s reasonably convincing.

      TiltShift sample

      As for ProTools – you mean a controller, right? No such thing as a ProTools port yet. If it’s a controller you want, check out my AC-7 post, it’s compatible with PT as well.

      Comment by Vic | May 14, 2010 | Reply

  2. Hi vic, is that inquirer running in Zinio?

    Comment by Ernie | May 16, 2010 | Reply

    • Hi Ernie it’s running in PressReader. Check my blog posts from a few days earlier 🙂

      Comment by Vic | May 16, 2010 | Reply

      • Ah there it is. 😉 I was at Barnes & Noble waiting for the wife when I came across your post. Downloaded PressReader and the Inquirer newspaper. Lo and behold this pub weighs in at 27mb. Switched to the free wifi in the store. I must say though, my iPad 3G experience with AT&T is pretty is good despite all the horror stories with AT&T’s network.

        Comment by Ernie | May 16, 2010

      • First seven issues on PressReader are free, I believe. Afterwards you need to pay as you go or sign up for a plan.

        Comment by Vic | May 16, 2010

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