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Good news for the iPad.

Or perhaps bad news, judging from the headlines nowadays.

But whatever the news is, you can now get it through PressReader, an app that lets you download local and foreign newspapers in a format that mimics the look of the actual printed issue.


At the moment, Filipino readers have access to free (for now) copies of two virtual newspapers – the Philippine Daily Inquirer and the Manila Times. The Times for May 6th was 16 pages and around 5MB while the PDI was 40 pages and almost 30MB.

Both are an exact replica of the printed page, complete with weight loss ads, comics, horoscopes and movie times. All the standard iPad navigation methods and gestures apply – swipe to turn, pinch to zoom out, spread to zoom in. Images and words are clean and crisp enough to read off the page though there’s an option to open the story in a separate, text only popup window.

PDI Lifestyle
There’s a plethora of newspapers for other countries in the catalog, though some appear to be download-restricted. I’m in Singapore right now and attempted to download the Straits Times for later perusal but was rebuffed. However PressReader does allow you to read it in an online-only mode.

Overall, the app feels like Zinio for newspapers. I’ve downloaded a couple of different titles including USA Today and the International Herald Tribune and look forward to waking up tomorrow morning and reading them with my morning coffee.

i wonder if this model will catch on? It’s definitely better for the environment, and the newspaper and print advertising industries must be breathing a sigh of relief at being granted what feels like a stay of execution. Either way, as an information junkie, I’m extremely glad this app exists. PressReader is great news for people like me.


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