The Third Device

A blog about the iPad.

Here we go.


It’s amazing. It’s groundbreaking. It’s game changing.

It’s got me so worked up, I actually want to blog about it.

That’s essentially how I feel about the Apple iPad, and that’s why this webpage exists.

Why is it the “Third Device”?

Starbucks’ Howard Schultz positions his stores as a “third place” – something in between the office and the home , an intermediate location where you can socialize and hang out. Apple also seems to be offering up the iPad as an alternative device – the gadget to have when a MacBook is too bulky but an iPhone is too small. (And the iPad is probably going to wind up killing the MacBook Air, too)

Is an iPad the perfect device to use at Starbucks? Discuss.

Anyway, a bit about myself: I love gadgets. That’s a huge understatement.

Over the past 25 years or so, I’ve owned so many phones, video/audio players, PDAs and other personal electronic doodads that it’s frankly embarrassing to try and enumerate them. But here’s a random sampling: I’ve owned a bunch of PalmPilots, from USRobotics onwards. I’ve had iPAQs. A Cassiopeia. Newton MessagePads (the original Apple tablet!) A Sega GameGear, a Nomad and a Sony PSP. Archos video players. Numerous MP3 players. And don’t even get me started on cellphones.

But I really am a sucker for cool stuff, and I’m the total opposite of the guy who waits for the second generation “so they can work the kinks out”. Who cares. I love this stuff. Bring it on, kinks and all.

So that’s me, and this is the iPad, and this is my blog. Here we go.


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